The KED Education program

For then years Kunskapsskolan has been continously developing the KED program for personalized learning. Today the program consists of a complete toolbox for coaching, web based curriculum and learning material, manuals, design, performance managment and administrative processes. This comprenhensive program enables a school to provide a personalized learning, tailor made for every individuals own goals, ambitions and needs, without demanding more resources than a conventional school.

Room for learning

All our premises are for study and learning. And they are all designed to address different individuals' different needs. That is my contribution to personalized education

Kenneth Gärdestad

Chief Architect at Kunskapsskolan


Kunskapsskolan becomes wholly owned by the Peje Emilsson family

The Peje Emilsson family has acquired the Wallenberg family holding Investor’s - through Patricia Industries - 38% ownership of Kunskapsskolan Education. Peje founded Kunskapsskolan in 1999 and has together with his family been the majority owner since.

Our cooperation with Investor has been excellent ever since they became co-owners in 2002. We have had the same ambition to create personalized education and innovative methods to provide education of the highest quality, says Peje Emilsson. When Patricia Industries now has taken the strategic decision that its portfolio of unlisted holdings will focus on wholly owned companies, it feels natural that we - as the majority shareholder - acquire their minority share.

It is very inspiring that our family now has the opportunity to take an even greater responsibility for Kunskapsskolan. Me and my brothers and Calle and Johan Emilsson look forward to working with all of our skilled and dedicated employees to continue developing our schools. Our pedagogical approach, the KED Program, combined with our global network gives us a unique opportunity to empower our students to take on tomorrow's challenges, says Cecilia Carnefeldt, President and CEO of Kunskapsskolan Education.

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